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Dragon Claw Fantasy Katana from Sword Demon, Open Mouth

High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Dragon Claw Fantasy Katana from SwordThe Open Mouthed Dragon Claw Katana from Sword Demon is another interesting sword for the collector who finds inspiration in fantasy weaponry and is unconcerned with practical issues. The stainless steel blade comes unsharpened and was never intended for actual combat or even real-world cutting practice.

The cast metal fittings of the Dragon Claw represent the claws and open mouth of the mythical Dragon. These polished decorations would be much more likely to break than to absorb the impact of another sword, even in light sparring. Enjoy it for the thought behind the design, not the overall utility.

A black scabbard accompanies the sword, but trappings are clearly synthetic, from synthetic sash to simulated dragon scale handle grip to ruby red dragon tongue. This would be a nice gift for a martial arts enthusiast who also spends time in the virtual worlds of gaming, where this style of weapon would usually be found.

The 41-inch fantasy katana sports 27 inches of unsharpened high carbon stainless steel blade. The Open Mouthed Dragon Claw katana is suitable for display, but you'll need to provide your own stand. Set it over the gaming console and design an avatar hero to wield it. There's bound to be a virtual world to fit the Dragon Claw.

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