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Best Combat Knife: John Ek Commando Model 4

Fixed-Blade Militaria

Posted by Ken

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EK Model 4 Combat KnifeIt's not surprising that these knives have become quite collectible, given their pedigree. For nearly seventy years, The EK Commando Knife Company has been producing the highest quality, combat tested knives. This makes them sought-after militaria by many serious collectors.

EK Knives have seen action in five wars: WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and, most recently in Iraq. Each is handmade in a small shop in Richmond, Virginia.

The MK4 is a military fighting knife and features two razor-sharp edges with an extra-sturdy point. Features gripping grooves for an extra-secure hold.

The U.S. Army displays a crossed pair of these Model 4s on their "Best Ranger" Trophy. Model numbers are prefaced with initials indicating the grip material. Pictured is the CW4 -- the Model 4 with Checkered Walnut grip.

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