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Best Axe: Emerson CQC-T Tactical American Survival & Camping Tomahawk

Posted by Ken

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Emerson CQC-T Tactical AmericanErnest Emerson, martial artist and knife maker, eventually came to regard the tomahawk as one of the essential survival tools for modern times. Creating high quality combat knives favored by such respected groups as the Navy SEALS, his reputation for practicality and simplicity, expressed by modern craftsmanship, extends to this well known personal combat ax.

This lightweight (16 oz) tomahawk has a wide 2 7/8" cutting edge as well as a stout opposing military spike, similar to the design of the old Vietnam Special Forces ax but much more refined. The ringed non-slip handle is large enough for both functional strength and a solid grip. Simple, efficient, and fast, this ax looks bigger than it is. For camp or tactical use, it's as much ax as you need.

The tomahawk was only a memory for decades after the American frontiers became settled, but in modern times it is increasingly seen as a fundamental survival weapon and tool, useful in many ways that a survival knife is not. If you've ever tackled a camp chore with a heavy hunting knife and said to yourself, "I wish I had an ax," then you've already made the jump in logic. An efficient tomahawk doesn't add much weight to your kit, but it does greatly expand the horizons of what you can actually do.

More expensive than most modern quality tomahawks, the Emerson CQC-T has such a high reputation that it has collectible as well as practical value.

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