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Estwing Hatchet Hand Axe w/ Forged Steel Handle

Leather Sportsman E24A

Posted by JT Hats

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Estwing Hatchet Hand Axe w/ ForgedEstwing solved the ancient riddle of how to make an axe handle that won't break by forging the entire tool from steel. The Estwing Sportsman's Hatchet brings the durability of a fine steel-shanked carpenter's hammer to the campsite in this 16-inch-long and nearly 2-1/2-pound camping tool.

Forged from high carbon tool steel with a modified rat tail tang handle build that terminates in a steel washer, the hatchet uses a stacked leather disc grip much like the original Ka-Bar knife design. There's very little that can go wrong with this hand axe beyond getting dull now and then. The Estwing survives nearly every use and abuse except fire.

I'm only a little critical of the Estwing hatchet, and I'm sure most people would never notice the absence of the shock absorbance that a good wooden handle contributes to an axe. In fact, most people would simply be happy to have a nearly indestructible steel -handled axe. This hatchet accepts a missed swing or a twist in the wrong direction without splintering or snapping. I do consider the bevel of the bit too thick and short for really efficient work, but if all you're doing is chopping firewood, splitting kindling, and driving tent stakes, you may not care that you'd get a cleaner and deeper cut if you ground the blade a little thinner.

Estwing has made fine striking tools since 1923, and the influence of the hammer on this fine hatchet is obvious. A leather edge sheath is included.

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