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Exotic Weapons Yuen Yang Razors

Martial Arts Collectible Weapon | Bagua Rooster Knives

Posted by JT Hats

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Exotic Weapons Yuen Yang Razors Lots of weapons are called rare and exotic, but this one really is rare. The Yuen Yang Razors, also called Bagua Rooster Knives, must never have been extremely popular in old China where they developed. Today they're seldom seen even in chop-socky martial arts movies. I've usually come across them only as sketches in books about ancient weaponry.

The rarity does make the Yuen Yang Razor set an interesting collectible, because there is no reliable source of unique weapon sets like this one, unless you care to pay a sword smith custom prices to make one to order. This pair is designed for training or display, though anything with this many edges and points would be intimidating if used for real. The mild chrome-plated steel shows accurate shape but not functional edges -- points and blades are still dangerous.

Rooster knives developed to augment the baguazhang internal kung fu style, based on mysterious internal energy methods and circular movement around a central point of balance. The rooster knives, gripped by the short horizontal bar and braced against the forearms, make the signature circular arm movements of that old style into extremely sharp and pointy weapons. Elbow strikes, forearm blocks, and jabs turn into lethal attacks -- in the old days, the rooster knives were even tipped with poison.

Finding training systems that use these unique weapons could be a challenge, but going back to the roots of the art and the rooster movements of bagua and other internal systems could provide some interesting clues. How long production level weapons in these unusual patterns will be available is anyone's guess.

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