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Fantasy Battle Axe Display, Alien Warrior

Dagger w/ High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Fantasy Battle Axe Display, AlienI like this surrealistic Fantasy Battle Axe and Dagger combination, since it's definitely one of the more unusual fantasy weapons of recent times, but I also have some reservations about it. The drawback to this bizarre and decorative weapon is the amount of plastic that went into its creation. Maybe that's a prejudice of my generation. Real military pieces shifted over to composites long ago, when the M-16 replaced the M-14. Possibly this battle axe represents a genuine trend and in a way is a real vision of the future.

If you're willing to approach this battle axe with that futuristic mindset, it could make more than decorative sense with high carbon stainless steel blades front and back -- and in the pommel -- and an ABS plastic shaft and mountings in between. The elegant main axe blade wouldn't be that far out of place on the working end of a Spanish halberd, though it's much lighter and built for close up work. The overall length of the Alien Battle Axe is only 21 inches.

Be careful if you play with this item, because there are so many points and cutting edges that you can hardly put it down without hurting somebody. In fact, if you're not dangerous enough with this alien weapon in one hand, you can release the spike poll blade from the axe head and use it in the off hand as a parrying dagger or for a quiet sneak attack.

There are rumors of even more secrets in this replica of alien war technology, but only owners can be sure of that. If you like collectibles and can accept synthetics as materials of art, you could be very pleased with this fanciful lethal weapon.

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