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Fantasy Bleach Izuru Kira Sword, Hook Blade

Japanese Anime Wabisuke Zanpakuto w/ Display Plaque

Posted by JT Hats

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Fantasy Bleach Izuru Kira Sword, HookThe strange sword you see here is the magical counterpart or zanpakuto of the merely physical sword called Wabisuke. In the popular manga Bleach, this unusual weapon is wielded by Izuru Kira, one of the more popular characters in the series.

Growing up in the world just beyond this one, Izuru Kira occasionally came to the world of the living for training but has spent much of the Bleach saga as a lieutenant of the Gotei 13, a high faction of the Soul Reapers. As do the other characters in the Japanese anime series, Izuru Kira wields a sword which has two common forms and a third which most of the Soul Reapers warriors have not yet mastered. The first common form of Wabisuke -- the Pentitent One -- resembles a simple katana, but when activated by the shikai command, the weapon transforms.

This reproduction of the zanpakuto form of Wabisuke stays close to the details of the anime weapon. The sword's overall length of 36.5 inches does not include the hook of the blade. The feeling of the weapon is heavy and unbalanced. High carbon 440 stainless steel forms blade and tang, and the sword grip or ito is woven black nylon cord. In keeping with the details of the weapon in Bleach, the outer edge of the blade is unsharpened. Oddly enough, the edge of the blade lies within the hook.

Izuru's swordsmanship skills are excellent, and he has no qualms about applying his Wabisuke's special powers. On each strike, the sword of his opponent doubles in weight. After a few of those blows, the weight of the enemy weapon brings the opponent to his knees. Hooking the blade of Wabisuke around the neck of his foe ends the contest.

This replica is too unbalanced for safe use and should stay on the lacquered wooden wall plaque that accompanies the sword.

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