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Forschner Boning Knife by Victorinox

Flexible Blade, Fibrox Handle

Posted by Ken

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Forschner Boning Knife by Victorinox If you're a butcher or a cook, you use a boning knife daily. If you're a casual home cook, you probably rarely use one, if at all. A boning knife is one of those knives which a lot of people think they need, but when it comes down to it, unless you're someone who falls into the daily use category, you can probably get by without one by using another knife on those rare occasions when a boning knife might be beneficial.

If you are a daily user, or just really want one anyway, you'd be in good company if you chose a Forschner. Forschner knives are more commonly found in pro kitchens and butcher shops than just about any other brand of knife. The thin, stamped blade is well suited to the tasks for which it is intended. The steel, although on the softer side, is quite robust and will hold up well to cutting against and around bones and the like. The moulded handle is easy to hold even in the slippery conditions one might encounter while breaking down proteins.

Adding to the overall package, is the price. With a price under twenty dollars, even if it's not a daily user, the investment is minimal. At that price, it's virtually disposable nor is it a knife which you'd need to baby for fear of causing damage, as it's easily and cheaply replaced.

While my own knife inclinations lean towards the more exotic, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have a couple of Forschners in my extended collection. They're a well made, inexpensive knife which will perform far better than the low price tag might suggest.

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