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Forschner Victorinox Butcher Knife

Granton Stainless Steel 10 inch 40638

Posted by JT Hats

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Forschner Victorinox Butcher Knife Part of the very practical and economical line of stamped steel knives from R.H. Forschner / Victorinox, the 10-inch Butcher Knife with black Fibrox handle now sports the granton grind of a modern santoku.

In theory, the multiple hollows of a knife's granton decrease surface contact between knife and food. Reducing friction eases the work. The result should be a thinner slice with less distortion. In addition to this good effect, the hollows break the suction between blade and sliced food, allowing the carrot or zucchini slices to fall away without stacking up on the santoku's blade. Although I've seen that at work to some degree in regards to my own santoku, I doubt that the effect would be noticeable on a butcher's knife.

Apply the granton to a heavy butcher's knife built for dismembering carcasses, chopping joints, and slicing portions for roasts and steaks, and I'm not convinced there's an advantage at all. Possibly there's a half ounce savings in weight of the steel -- which you'll never notice -- but aside from that, the granton only weakens the blade and shortens its life. Butcher knives don't need this.

The Victorinox Butcher Knife with granton otherwise lives up to the high standards of R.H. Forschner. Simply made from accurately ground high carbon stainless steel, this rat tail tang knife is lighter and easier to use than traditional forged counterparts. The thickness of the blade gives the knife the stiffness and strength needed for heavy work. Consider the granton an expensive decoration -- the original model costs considerably less.

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