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Fruit and Vegetable Carving Tool Set

Watermelon, Curled Tomato etc. | F. Dick and Co.

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Fruit and Vegetable Carving Tool Set Want to create some of those cute tomato flowers to go alongside your buffet? Or maybe a watermelon basket to hold a fruit salad?

F. Dick is the most well-known maker of fruit and vegetable carving tools. Pictured at right is their deluxe, twenty-two piece set that includes a wide array of implements.

Also available is a less-expensive seven piece set. Included in the seven piece set  are four fluted chisels, a thai knife, a peeling knife and an attractive carrying case.

The larger set adds round chisels, a decorating knife, a sharpening steel, a vegetable curler and knife and five forms.

All tools are high-quality stainless steel appropriate for pros and beginners alike.

Find these F. Dick & Co. Food Carving Tools:

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