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Full Tang Boning Knife from Wusthof

Classic Forged Solingen Stainless Steel 4 Inch 4601

Posted by JT Hats

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Full Tang Boning Knife from Wusthof Boning knives like the Wusthof Classic 4-Inch Boning knife aren't always included in block knife sets and aren't usually the first knife recommended for the beginning chef. The design is much like the filet knife used on fish, but created especially for separating tougher meat from bone. Wusthof's Classic pattern won't disappoint you when you add this knife to your collection.

Wusthof uses one blank of high carbon stainless steel to forge a strong one-piece full tang knife with all the features essential to the boning task. The blade is narrow but well tempered, stiffer than a filet knife and strong enough to withstand twisting and turning as it cuts through tough connective tissue. Edge-hardened to 58 on the Rockwell scale, the cutting edge slices through small bones without chipping and still sharpens easily with an ordinary honing steel.

The grip is especially important for this type of knife, because hands will often be slick with fats and other juices while doing this tricky chore. The forged bolster comes in handy not just as a reinforcement for the blade but as a physical barrier between fingers and cutting edge. The polymer handle slabs -- riveted to the stainless steel tang -- fit most hands comfortably and offer enough good grip for strong leverage. The dropped heel of the handle keeps fingers from slipping back when pulling the knife.

Made from stain-free Solingen steel, the Classic Boning Knife should be cleaned by hand. Mild detergents and prompt cleanup protect the finish best, and hand washing prevents accidental blunting of the knife's edge.

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