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Full Tang Japanese Ninja Display Sword

Replica Combat Katana Stainless Steel

Posted by Ken

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Full Tang Japanese Ninja Display SwordBuying a sword with absolutely no pedigree, like this replica Ninja sword that borrows as much from schools of kitchen cutlery and pirate movies as it does from real ninjutsu, is only risky if you expect a real sword. If you want a sword for other than real reasons, as a memento perhaps, this type of blade is just fine.

Be aware that there are rivets where there shouldn't be rivets, and brass where there shouldn't be brass. The hamon, that ripple effect on the blade which results from an advanced edge tempering method few sword makers use today, is almost certainly acid etched. A wooden sheath wrapped in black leatherette material would be fairly standard. You have much more chance of being able to actually get the blade out of a poorly made wooden scabbard than from a metal one; a poorly made metal scabbard would grab the stainless steel blade like a pair of vise jaws. The 40 1/2" overall length is pretty accurate although ninja are often depicted today as favoring the shorter wakizashi blade.

At this end of the sword scale, maybe we shouldn't be too concerned about details. After all, sometimes the real ninja would set out on a mission with no weapons at all, devising what they needed on the spot. With that inventive outlook, you could hang this Full Tang Ninja Sword on your wall and smile. Who are we to say what's real?

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