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Fully Handmade Damascus Katana

Battle Ready, Functional & Practical Cutting Sword 235

Posted by JT Hats

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Fully Handmade Damascus Katana This practical cutting sword from Fully Handmade Swords outfits a blade of Damascus-type steel with traditional fittings of solid bronze. Decoration is minimal, but the art's in the katana -- you'll find this one excellent for tamashigiri cutting practice as well as for display.

The forged 28.3-inch blade of the 42.5-inch katana forms 1,024 layers of folded high carbon steel, shaped with fullered blood grooves and heat-treated for an even hardness thoughout. Fittings including the bladeguard or tsuba and the pommel of the sword are cast bronze, lightly polished to accentuate details in the castings. The construction of the 2.5-pound katana is traditional with a wooden grip pinned to the full tang of the blade. Real rayskin wraps the handgrip, and a woven cord ito provides the traditional functional covering. The sword's tang carries the engraved signature of the smith who produced it along with a unique identifying number. The wooden scabbard shows a flawless black piano lacquer finish with a black sageo of flat cloth braid.

Fully Handmade considers their practical swords to be fully functional but does offer some practical advice about selecting proper targets and using the katana effectively. Green bamboo or rolled tatami mats make good training tools, providing useful resistance without unnecessary damage to blade or edge. Targets also cut more easily when struck at a 45-degree angle. Kits for proper maintenance and sharpening are available but not included with the sword. If fittings are damaged during practice, the sword completely disassembles. Repair parts are available.

For another practical cutter, see the Hanwei Functional Wakizashi.

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