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Furi Ozitech Diamond Fingers Pro Knife Sharpener

Rachael Ray

Posted by Ken

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Furi Ozitech Diamond Fingers Pro KnifeHow to sharpen a knife? Let me count the ways...

Water stones, oil stones, electric sharpeners, professional re-sharpening, belt sanders and the back of a can opener just to name a few.

And then there's this thing. Diamond Fingers sounds like a James-Bond villain and this gadget looks like something that 007 might use. But is it any good?

Here's the thing... If you've got cheap knives, you want to keep them sharp, and you're not too worried about their lifespan, you can probably get away with just about anything.

This Ozitech, for example, could be just the thing. Reviewers on can't stop raving about it, so how bad can it be? No worse than the Presto EverSharp Electric Sharpener, that's for sure.

But if you have decent knives and you're looking for a way to maintain them, this gadget is not the answer. Get yourself a Chef's Choice M120 electric sharpener, send your knives to a professional, or learn to do it yourself.

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