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Gerber Air Ranger Knife

William Harsey Pocket Folder | Stainless Steel Blade

Posted by Ken

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Gerber Air Ranger Knife The Air Ranger, a William Harsey design now produced and marketed by Gerber, combines the art of the smith with the art of the machinist. The stout 3.25" high carbon stainless steel blade can be opened with a flick of the thumb, one handed. The machined aluminum handle offers a dependable grip, wet or dry, combining durability with light weight.

The Ranger offers the features that have now become standard with the folding clip knife. A rugged stainless steel clip holds it securely to the top of your pocket for easy access; and a reliable blade lock snaps the knife into working position once fully opened.

As with many modern folders, the edges of the handle are a bit too square to be comfortable over the long term, but if you want a light emergency knife or a light skinner rather than a utility workhorse, this knife is a dependable choice. What drew me to this new style years ago is the same thing I still like about it: blade strength. The old style folding pocket knives almost always had thin blades evolved towards the least that was practical. When the new folders were developed they went the other direction, offering a pocket style that had heft. I still like that "Bowie knife for the pocket" feeling. It's not quite enough blade to be a cleaver, but it is big enough to be a good skinner.

This particular model offers the traditional "fine edge" rather than the serrated blade that is so popular now. I definitely prefer the old style straight edge. Anything I have to send back to the factory for sharpening is useless to me. If I cut a lot of rope, I might change my mind.

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