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Gerber Mini Covert Folding Combat Knife

Combo Edge Spear Point Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Gerber Mini Covert Folding Combat Knife Though it's not quite bullet-proof, the Gerber Mini-Covert in black fiberglass filled nylon and low-glare coated stainless steel is a knife that has a very respectable and well proven background. Two OSS agents -- Applegate and Fairbairn -- developed the basic pattern of this knife through logic and field testing. Adding some modern technology to their fundamental concept, Gerber created a knife they would have enjoyed. We get to stash it in a pocket with the handy clip, "just in case."

Operatives famous from the days of WWII, the two men who created the hand-to-hand combat system for that old intelligence network spent years after the war designing the perfect combat knife. The small double-edged fixed blade dagger that resulted still inspires a multitude of similar combat and special ops weapons. Gerber applied the same shape of handle and blade to the Mini-Covert, but in a folding clip knife build more popular today. Easily opened with one hand, the spear point blade is ground with a combo-serrated edge on one side and a false cutting edge on the other. The lack of two real cutting edges hardly slows it down.

The Gerber Mini-Covert is a practical tool for anyone who may find themselves occasionally in awkward situations. A push on the thumb stud swings the 2.9-inch blade open and locks it in place. The closed length of 3.7 inches and weight of only 2.2 ounces qualifies the Gerber Mini-Covert for hiking gear as well as for the pockets of field agents. A knife this light isn't pry bar tough, but it's a handy blade that's worth some extra care.

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