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Gerber Torch I Tactical Folding Knife

Stainless Steel Utility Blade | Black or Silver

Posted by Ken

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Gerber Torch I Tactical Folding Knife Tactical style but handyman quality makes the Gerber Torch 1 an interesting choice as a general purpose utility knife. The dropped point stainless steel tanto blade has a black matte finish for low reflectivity and a combo edge for fast, multiple purpose cutting. The Torch 1 is easy to open with one hand, whether you work with right or with left. The stainless steel handle overlaid with a textured soft grip nylon insert makes it an obvious "rightie" tool rather than truly ambidextrous. You get a secure and safe grip with this lockblade either way.

Calling it a tactical knife goes a little too far; the tactical features of the Torch 1 are just window dressing. Gerber lives on the low side of the market with most of its products and this blade is no exception. The price range and quality level make it a reasonable choice for dirty work that isn't tactical. A knife like this is always handy when you're doing construction or yard work. The 2.7" blade is a good size for many chores, and the overall length of 6.3" is big enough to work with comfortably and securely. The pocket clip allows convenient access, and there are times when if you don't have a knife you can open with one hand you wind up opening it with your teeth instead. The thumb studs on the Torch 1 can save you money on dental bills.

Riding around on machinery and climbing on scaffolding, it's easy to lose a knife even when it's clipped to your belt, so a decent knife that you can afford to lose now and then makes a lot of sense.

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