German Daggers of WWII | Sword and Militaria Expert Thomas Johnson

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German Daggers of WWII  byAfter a long, successful career in the US Military, Thomas M. Johnson embarked on a career as a writer. Specializing in German edged weapons and other German militaria, he is considered on of the leading authorities on the subject.

This book serves as a detailed survey and reference of WWII-era German knives and daggers. It specifically addresses the beginning collector, but is intended for a broad audience — there’s much in here for the specialist collector as well.

This book goes well beyond a catalog of the various knives — this is a study of the knife-making techniques that produced the blades as well as an introduction to the culture and historical context of the times. And, of course, it’s an essential manual for the collector — presenting variations, diagrams and photos of the various patterns, tips on the vocation of collecting, etc.

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