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German Eagle Military Sword

Stainless Steel Replica Fighting Blade

Posted by Ken

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German Eagle Military Sword Some fairly nice design features enhance the quality of this 32 1/2" German Eagle sword, but at the low end of the price range for replica weapons you have to be forgiving of faults.

The 25" stainless steel blade lacks a high polish or even a decorative grind, but details in the buffed fittings on the black leather wrapped scabbard and in the winged eagle design of the cross guard do add a little cultural mystique to what would otherwise be a very ordinary piece. This gives it a WWI look rather than a medieval style, but it might be tough to even trace the concept back to anything real. If you collect swords that may not matter to you at all.

Intended for display only, this level of workmanship passes if you aren't too particular about authenticity. For even theatrical or costume use it requires some imagination and tolerance. A low priced costume sword like this one won't even draw from the sheath as well as the genuine article. Since you will undoubtedly see a lot of variation in quality from item to item in these rather important details, it would be smart to buy from somebody with a good exchange policy if you can't get a hands on look at the sword first.

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