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GI Joe Storm Shadow Katana, White w/ Display Stand

United Cutlery Rise Of Cobra Collectible Sword

Posted by JT Hats

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GI Joe Storm Shadow Katana, White w/Faithful to the details of the katana wielded by Cobra agent Storm Shadow, bodyguard of Cobra Commander in the movie G.I. Joe -- Rise of Cobra, this movie replica sword from United Cutlery should please any collector of movie memorabilia.

The white scabbard and grip, offset with polished metal fittings, include many traditional features as well as high-tech characteristics taken from the movie. Double fullers run the length of the high carbon stainless steel blade, and the sword's full tang rests in a traditionally styled hardwood grip overlaid with real rayskin. Instead of the old-fashioned woven cord ito, the grip's binding is a wrap of white leather. There's enough extra metal in the construction that the sword looks a little heavy.

Along with the katana, new owners receive a matching display stand with separate racks for the white hardwood scabbard and the unsheathed sword. The stand's emblem matches the red insignia etched in the katana's blade. The hexagram from the I Ching or Book of Changes symbolizes the interaction of K'an or water with Li or fire. The two elemental forces don't mix well, and the characters Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes didn't either. At times close friends and at times bitter enemies, the two members of the Arashikage Ninja clan created much of the story's drama through their constant rivalry.

This numbered replica of the sword wielded by Korean martial artist Byung-Hun Lee in his role as Storm Shadow comes with a certificate of authenticity.

To see the sword's counterpart, visit the G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Sword.

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