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Ginsu Cutlery Knife Block Set

International Traditions Knives | 14-Piece

Posted by Ken

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Ginsu Cutlery Knife Block Set It slices! It dices! It cuts through tin cans and still effortlessly cuts a tomato! If that sounds at all familiar, you must have been watching TV back in the seventies when the Ginsu knives first hit the market.

Although no one will ever mistake these for a knife created by a Japanese artisan, by nature of their aggressively serrated edges they'll cut as advertised, despite the low grade steel. I don't suggest slicing a soda can, by the way, but if you must try to recreate the commercials, go right ahead. You're not likely to do much damage, and considering the cost, these are throwaways anyway.

The secret to any type of "never needs sharpening" knife is a serrated blade. These knives are aggressively serrated and perform as should be expected. Unless destined for the stock pot, the quality of the cuts produced by these knives will make any serious cook cringe. Although the knives included in the set are a better mix than most sets, do I really have to tell you that I'd recommend taking a pass on these?

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