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Glass Cutting Board

Vance Industries | Tempered 15 x 12 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Glass Cutting Board This tempered glass cutting board from Vance Industries provides an easily cleaned cutting surface impervious to nicks and cuts from knife blades. Don't be concerned about running it through the dishwasher -- unlike wooden cutting boards, there are no joints in this glass board which could swell and separate in the drenching heat of a dishwashing machine. Cleaning by hand works nearly as well. A simple hand wash takes only a moment and protects the board from pitting and dulling.

There are a few drawbacks to tempered glass cutting boards. Silicon blunts steel with every stroke of the knife, so the edges of your fine cutlery will not appreciate this treatment. In fact, the higher the quality of the cutlery you own, the more trouble you'll have -- Global knives and other top-end blades will chip rather than dull when they encounter this impenetrable surface.

Tempered glass also is not shatterproof. This board is shatter resistant and could survive being dropped on the kitchen floor -- if it lands right. Landing at the wrong angle could create much different results. Don't use this board for chopping -- it isn't a butcher block.

As a serving tray, this glass cutting board makes better sense. The tempered glass, raised above the table surface on four small glass feet, makes a convenient setting for hot pots, carved meats, cheese, and condiments. Unless you're accustomed to working with dull knives, don't use it for cutting. Serrated blades fare better with this board than plain edge blades -- utility knives, pastry knives and other "never sharpen" blades include cutting edges which never contact the board itself.

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