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Global Boning Japanese Knife

Flexible Full Tang 4 Inch

Posted by Mike

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Global Boning Japanese Knife If you're looking for a flexible Western-style boning knife with the performance of Japanese steel, look no further.

Global knives were the first mass-marketed Japanese kitchen knives aimed at the Western market. They won fans in restaurant kitchens everywhere with their mix of lighter weight, thinner blades, high performance molybdenum/vanadium steel which takes and holds a very fine edge, and the attractive high tech appearance.

This boning knife will outperform any comparable boning knife from the usual German makers, plus the one-piece construction offers significant advantage where sanitation is concerned since there are no seams where handle meets blade. The lack of seams eliminates the possibility of particles of meat or juices becoming trapped in the handle where bacteria could flourish.

Unfortunately, the Global isn't the least expensive option out there, but the price is comparable to knives from Wusthof and Henckels.

Not every cook needs a specialized boning knife, but if you do, this one will be able to keep up with the rigors of the most demanding environments, at home or in a professional setting.

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