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Global Paring Knife

4-Inch Santoku Blade

Posted by Ken

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Global Paring Knife I've always liked Global knives. The futuristic look has always appealed to me and they always feel comfortable and well balanced. Additionally, the steel used by Global is significantly better than that used by comparable Western makers like Henckels and Wusthof, so it can take a more acute edge and holds it longer.

Unfortunately, as much as I like their knives, I don't care much for this "parer", although it is undeniably well made. It's the basic design that I find lacking. In my mind, a paring knife should feature the traditional thin spear point blade shape which has been proven over time to be the optimal and most functional shape.

A paring knife should be shaped like a paring knife, not a small santuko. I suspect the blade shape is driven more by the marketing department looking to cash in on the popularity of larger santuko knives than the desire to make a good paring knife. The shape of this knife seems far better suited for use on a board than in hand and the blade is far too long for my taste. I find that three inches is about the longest blade which is comfortable to use in hand.

If you plan on using this knife primarily on the board, it may be a good fit, but if you want a proper paring knife, I suggest that you pass this one over in favor of a more traditionally shaped paring knife. We'll link to the traditionally-shaped version below as well as this one. Or, check out our review of the Shun Paring Knife for a knife that has few, if any, flaws.

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