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Global Vegetable Slicing Knife Set, Fluted

Full Tang Granton Slicer G-56 GS-39

Posted by JT Hats

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Global Vegetable Slicing Knife Set,Blades ground in the reduced-friction granton style set these two Global vegetable knives apart from the company's main knife styles. Already so thin and efficient that they're the favorites of famous chefs -- including Anthony Bourdain -- these two good slicers just got a little better.

Global's G-56 Vegetable Fluted knife is the larger of the pair with a hollow ground 7-inch CROMOVA 18 blade cut in the Japanese nakiri bocho pattern, traditionally favored by Tokyo chefs. This slimmer version of the Asian vegetable cleaver serves many of the same functions as the European chef's knife, but with a lighter construction and a thinner blade slices much more efficiently. Keep the old chef's knife around for the heavy work.

Global's GS-39 Vegetable Fluted knife brings a similar but smaller style to your cutting board with a 5-1/2-inch-long granton blade and a different handle shape. The dovetail flare of the knife's grip gives precise control, with a wide vertical section near the blade and a tail section which fits comfortably to the palm. Similar in blade design to the Osaka version of nakiri bocho, the Global GS-39 keeps the traditional, slightly convex cutting edge and spear point but gives a longer section of flattened spine for fingertip control.

All Global knives are built seamlessly from Cromova 18 high carbon stainless steel -- even the textured grip is dimpled stainless steel, perfectly balanced with sand permanently sealed in the hollow handle.

For another good starter set with a different range of Global knives, see the Global 3 Piece Starter Set.

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