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Guy Fieri Knives by Ergo Chef

Chef Knife & Knuckle Sandwich Dagger Barbecue Set

Posted by JT Hats

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Guy Fieri Knives by Ergo Chef Yes, they're flashy knives; and yes, they're not quite what you'd expect of German cutlery -- but this two-knife set was designed by California chef Guy Fieri. It's meant for people who take tailgate cuisine seriously.

Guy Fieri's minimal knife set fits the needs of the mobile barbecue chef with a chef's knife made to handle nearly every prep chore in the outdoor kitchen and a wicked sandwich knife specially engineered for burgers and subs. Both knives were manufactured with strong full-tang construction and reduced bolsters to allow full use of the high carbon stainless steel blades. Another Asian influence, the rows of hollows ground into the blade sides, reduces blade friction and cuts back on the amount of sliced sandwich prep that stacks up on blades and tumbles onto the parking lot.

With an offset blade, scalloped cutting edge, and forked tip, the sandwich knife easily divides burgers and other sandwiches without getting your knuckles into the condiments and gives you an easy way to add that extra slice of cheddar. If used with care, you'll get good blade life even if working on unfriendly surfaces like plates and platters instead of cutting boards. Fieri's Chef Knife sports a full-sized 8-inch blade and an unusual handle design behind the red and black grip. Most chef's knives incorporate a tang that's in line with the spine of the blade. Fieri's knife drops the angle of the tang for more comfortable wrist action. If you have large hands, you may find that a drawback, but otherwise it works well. The pommel of this knife could smash garlic cloves, but most of us prefer the flat of the blade.

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