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Harsey T2 Ranger Folding Clip Tactical Knife

Lone Wolf Lockback Skinner Blade

Posted by Ken

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Harsey T2 Ranger Folding Clip TacticalDesigned by William Harsey, Jr., for the semi-custom makers at Lone Knives, the tactical folding clip T2 Ranger is a perfect size for a lightweight folding hunting knife. The 3.9" high carbon stainless steel blade, with a functional drop point design, is well designed for skinning game as well as any number of light camp chores. At .3 lbs it's not even too heavy for an ultralight backpacker's kit.

This is a high quality knife in spite of the light weight, with easy one-hand opening and a solidly built blade lock. The textured black fiberglass filled nylon handle has a core of the same durable stainless steel as the blade--made to last. The notched areas in both forward and back sections of blade and handle, plus the finger fitting grooves, make this knife easy to grip and hand friendly even for long chores.

The close tolerances of this knife result in few gaps in critical areas, making the T2 easier to clean and less vulnerable to problems than a cheaper knife with lots of places for grit to hide. That's always something to consider with a folding knife, and especially with one you may bring to tactical situations. With sand in the mechanism a folder may not work so perfectly as it did straight out of the box. Put it on your checklist.

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