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Henckels International Classic Carving Knife Set

Stainless Steel Forged 2 Piece

Posted by JT Hats

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Henckels International Classic CarvingThe Henckels Classic series still uses the steel alloy developed by J. A. Henckels for its distinctive high performance cutlery. This unique blend of carbon, chromium and other trace elements creates the backbone of this drop forged carving set. A slim carving knife with an eight-inch blade backed up by a stout six-inch stainless steel fork provide utility in the kitchen and precise service at the dining table.

The long tines of the carving fork may look vulnerable, but the quality of the steel overcomes the slender build. This isn't a carving set that bends under stress -- fork and knife are tempered steel. The carving knife's taper grind slices cleanly and thinly and only needs an occasional touching up with a honing steel. The look of the set with its dark polypropylene handle slabs and solidly riveted full tang handles is professional, not fancy. Use this carving combination for kitchen prep without any concerns. It holds up.

This is the old forged bolster style of blade, much less flexible than modern stamped steel. There's a little more weight to the blade because of the solid forged bolster, which provides comfortable protection for fingers and extra strength. While not absolutely necessary in today's world of high quality stamped steel, the construction is comfortingly familiar to many who grew up with and trained upon this type of chef's knife.

Dishwasher safe, the carving set will keep an edge and polish better if washed by hand in mild detergent. Store in a quality hardwood knife block when not in use.

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