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Henckels Kitchen Cutlery Starter Set

Twin Signature 3 Piece

Posted by Mike

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Henckels Kitchen Cutlery Starter Set It's unlikely that you'd find many knives from this Henckels budget/entry level line in professional kitchens, but for the casual home cook, a starter set for a young cook, or as a set for the "vacation" house, this set would make a fine choice.

I'm not typically fond of "sets," but this one offers a great mix of sizes and styles with an obvious eye towards maximum functionality. Although these stamped construction knives aren't as robust as Henckels' top tier forged lines, they should be capable of handling most basic kitchen cutting tasks with ease. In some respects, the thinner stamped blades offer better geometry than the thicker blades found on the forged knives and may offer better performance for some tasks. The steel used for this line isn't of the same quality as the forged lines, but should take and hold an edge for a reasonable length of time in a home setting with routine maintenance.

Would I pick these if I were planning on breaking down a case of chickens? Not likely. But for basic home cutting tasks, they should be up to the challenge and certainly won't break the bank. I will share that for the same budget, one could pick up three similar knives made by Forschner which will be more robust and will be able to stand up to rougher treatment, including the kind of use which might be seen in professional kitchens.

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