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Henckels Professional Kitchen Slicing Knife

Meat Carving Scalloped Hollow Edge

Posted by JT Hats

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Henckels Professional Kitchen SlicingThe Henckels Professional "S" Hollow Edge Eight Inch Slicing knife is the blade to use when carving medium roasts, turkey, or hams. Thinner and narrower than the Henckels eight-inch chef's knife, the slicing knife glides through meat with a scalloped cutting edge that works even better than a serrated blade. The tough steel of the flexible blade follows curves and slides along bone without chipping.

The Professional series manufacturing process includes the best techniques of drop forging and laser cutting. One blank of stain-free high carbon steel forms the tang, bolster, and blade. Forging creates the bolster -- the rest of the knife is laser cut and shaped by stock removal. That combination of processes creates a very strong knife without the spot stresses and metal fatigue problems of stamped blades. The limited forging ensures that the final blade still has the characteristics of the original alloy with nothing lost to the heat of the forging process. Friodur ice-hardening increases stain resistance and blade strength.

The slicer's grip fits the hand comfortably with polymer handle slabs fastened to the full tang with stainless steel rivets. The extra strength of the forged bolster prevents flexing problems which sometimes open up handle gaps in less solidly built knives.

Made to Old World standards, the steel in this knife won't match the edge-holding ability of a fine Japanese knife but will hold up to hard objects much better. Avoid using the scalloped edge on anything but wood or plastic cutting boards, since sharpening this efficient knife will require a professional's care.

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