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Henckels S.O.S. Steak Knives Set

High Carbon Stainless Steel 4 Piece

Posted by JT Hats

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Henckels S.O.S. Steak Knives Set Since I don't think that a good steak needs to be cut with a huge knife, this four knife set of high carbon stainless steel steak knives from J.A. Henckels appeals to me. Knives like this fit into a dinner service visually and don't give the impression that the food will be a battle.

For hidden strength, Henckels' Friodur ice-hardening and sectional welding improve the knives in ways you'll experience more than see. Friodur tempering increases the hardness of the steel and makes it hold both edge and polish well. Combining different grades of high carbon stainless steel gives the knife different strengths in different areas. Old hand tempered blades used a different process to custom temper parts of the blade and tang for an overall result much better than a single hardness throughout. Welding different types of steel together customizes the knife's strengths by alloy rather than temper.

Seamless stainless steel construction eliminates any places where food particles or bacteria could lodge. Clean-up is easy and should be a simple hand wash and dry, though the stain-free steel does hold up to machine dishwashing.

The slender build of the handles makes the knives easy to use even in small hands. Four-inch blades with serrated edges should keep a functional edge much longer than a plain edged knife, but will need professional refurbishing when they dull. Proper storage in a knife block extends the lifetime of that edge.

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