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House of Flying Daggers Sword of Leo

Chinese Kung Fu Broadsword w/ Scabbard

Posted by JT Hats

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House of Flying Daggers Sword of Leo This replica of Captain Leo's broad sword from the hit kung fu movie House of Flying Daggers looks better than most true combat broadswords of today. Antiqued cast steel fittings give the sword an authentic appearance with quality materials and workmanship throughout.

The 38-inch-long sword's 2-1/4-inch high carbon 440 stainless steel blade fits a solid hardwood scabbard covered with dark leather that matches the character of the sword itself. This replica weapon's scabbard deserves as much attention as its 26-inch polished blade. You'll probably prefer to display this weapon in the sheath, since the gleaming stainless steel doesn't match the dark steel of the Tang Dynasty, the historical setting of the House of Flying Daggers story. Ground with a single bevel and flat spine, the sword does match the style of many heavier weapons of old China where the broadsword was one of the most common soldier's arms. All this one lacks visually is the dark patina of old combat steel.

Similar to Captain Jin's sword, Leo's broad sword has its own unique style with a heavy cutlass blade and squared hand guard. In the story of these two Tang Dynasty police captains, each man appeared to follow the same ideals, but beneath the surface, the two detectives fought for different reasons. To some degree, the similarities and differences of their personal broadswords symbolize key themes of the movie -- one man more refined and the other more brutal, but both focused towards the same grim ending.

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