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J.A. Henckels Chef’s Knife Case

Portable Cutlery Storage 16 Slot

Posted by JT Hats

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J.A. Henckels Chef's Knife Case Although there seem to be plenty of happy owners of this 16-slot knife case from J. A. Henckels, I can only recommend it as a temporary solution. The bag has a nice look and a reasonable amount of space with the layout you'd expect from a good knife case, but I've traveled too much to trust the vinyl, elastic straps, and especially the locking latches.

The basic material used is vinyl on canvas -- that's even the build of the handle, a very lightweight strap and the only carrying method for this case. There's no shoulder strap and no loops for one, so the strap that's stitched to the case is all you'll have. That's not a comfortable or secure way to carry the several pounds of knives and accessories that will fill this case.

An elastic strap system holds knives in their individual pockets, and since elastic fatigues, any fit that's secure in the beginning will get looser over time. The design of this bag doesn't allow tight rolling, so those straps and pockets are all that holds your knives in the case.

In general I have nothing good to say about vinyl. It starts out looking good but eventually cracks and peels. Heat and UV light are both tough on it, so the lifetime of this case's good looks and spill resistance will depend on how much of those it gets.

I used to believe in the importance of suitcase-quality locks, until a suspicious customs official showed me how easy they are to defeat. Locks of this quality take longer to open with a key than without one, so don't depend on them to keep your knives safe and secure.

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