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Jaccard Meat Tenderizer Blade 45 Removable Cartridge

Posted by Ken

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Jaccard Meat Tenderizer Blade 45No one likes tough meats - this has been a fact of human nature for centuries. And, for a long time, the meat mallet was the most effective way to tenderize beef, chicken, fish, etc. A meat mallet is an object akin to a hammer, but with little spikes in place of a flat face. To use, you simply beat the meat repeatedly until tenderized - a rather primitive technology if you ask me.

Luckily, in recent years, much advancement has been made in the field of tender meats. This Jaccard "Simply Better" Meat Tenderizer reflects those improvements. Instead of hammering on the meat, simply place the tenderizer on the surface of the meat and press down gently. Forty-five razor sharp stainless steel columns slice apart the connective tissues which make a tough meat. This process allows for faster, deeper marinating, cuts cooking time almost in half, and causes the meat to cook more evenly with less shrinking. In essence, what you get is a tenderer, more enjoyable meat.

The blade cartridge easily removes for quick cleaning under the faucet, or just set it on the top rack of your dishwasher and walk away. It's light weight, so tenderizing those meats on a backpacking/hunting excursion is no hassle. Replacement blades are available, likely making this the last meat tenderizer you will ever need.

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