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Jack Sparrow Fantasy Saber Cutlass, Stainless Steel

Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Replica Sword

Posted by JT Hats

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Jack Sparrow Fantasy Saber Cutlass,Since today's pirate cutlasses are usually part of a costume rather than battle weapons, you'll want to consider the Pirates of Caribbean Cutlass Sword with Basket Guard. This cutlass is clearly an accessory rather than a fighting cutlass, but it does offers some good features at a reasonable price.

The Cutlass isn't overly heavy with a blade that matches the saber concept more closely than it does the old seaman's cutlass. That's fine for modern pirates but would have marked you as an officer in the old days -- common sailors used heavy blades that required less skill to operate. The stainless steel blade of this saber matches up to a steel basket hand guard and grip. Again, the parts are more solid than fancy, giving the sword a more realistic look than many flashier reproductions.

Assembly standards are typical of low cost items from China, so you may have to tinker with things yourself to get everything lined up just right. I've seen the same faults in training swords from China, which otherwise were good quality blades. These usually aren't major problems -- just the mark of someone who works for twenty cents a day, and in most instances it's only a matter of tightening something up. Whether it's a bargain sword or a bargain fishing pole, I've become accustomed to getting out the epoxy glue and doing the final touches myself.

The scabbard's burnished metal fittings display designs appropriate to the pirate trade, including crossed matchlock pistols reminiscent of Jack Sparrow's adventures and the mandatory skull and crossbones. A detailed pirate's galley decorates the basket guard of the hilt.

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