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Japanese Handmade Dragon Tanto Sword, Damascus Steel

Ryumon Collectible Samurai Sword w/ Gift Box

Posted by JT Hats

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Japanese Handmade Dragon Tanto Sword,This very-well-made Japanese Tanto in Damascus steel was actually manufactured for Ryumon at the famous Lung Chuan forge in China. Traditionally styled and hand-forged, the knife was made for the collector but shows far more functional quality than an ordinary display piece.

Considering how much highly skilled hand craftsmanship went into this tanto, it's almost an unbelievable bargain. To produce the layered steel of this full tang blade, the original high carbon steel bar was heated, folded, and reshaped by hand ten times. That creates a total of 1024 layers. Each knife also receives the traditional clay tempering which produces a hard edge and a tough shock-resistant spine. Even the final razor edge resulted from hand labor.

Construction details of the tanto are just as precise. Both cast metal bladeguard and pommel have a dark antiqued patina and show traditional martial symbols -- the dragon motif for the tsuba or bladeguard and the "three fish" symbol on the pommel. Genuine rayskin covers the hardwood grip, and over that is the traditional woven cotton ito. The knife seats securely in a black lacquered hardwood sheath.

Seventeen inches long overall, the 3/4-pound Dragon Tanto presents 10 inches of fullered blade. The fully functional tanto comes in a presentation box of hardwood with real silk lining.

See the Yoroidoshi Tanto from Ryumon for a more modern version of the classic tanto in Damascus steel.

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