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Japanese Samurai Katana, Fully Handmade

Aluminium Iaido Sword, Lightweight Practice 634

Posted by JT Hats

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Japanese Samurai Katana, Fully Handmade The secret of this beautiful katana's amazing speed is the aluminum alloy blade. Designed for the practice of Iaido or "drawing the sword," the Fully Handmade Aluminum katana matches the dimensions of a true combat sword but reduces the total weight by nearly a pound.

The lighter weight allows easier and faster handling, extending practice times without over-stressing wrists and arms. The polished blade does not look cheap and from even a short distance could be mistaken for stainless steel. Since aluminum lacks the strength and hardness of steel, more care will be required to use this sword properly, but unless abused it should keep its authentic look.

The unsharpened blade includes fullered hi's or blood grooves along the spine and shows a hamon or tempering mark on the edge. The mark is only decoration, etched and polished on the metal, but does contribute to the sword's authentic look. Fittings on the aluminum sword are cast brass, lightly polished, and show intricate patterns. White rayskin covers the hardwood handle, and a dark cotton cord ito adds the traditional grip. Black piano lacquer covers and preserves the wooden scabbard. Made with the same care as Fully Handmade's steel katanas, the sword can be disassembled for maintenance or repair. You'll find a maker's signature etched into the metal tang.

Protect this iaido katana in transit with the black cloth carrying case that comes with the sword. For more long-term storage, the company provides a tube-shaped box. Both the aluminum blade and the highly polished scabbard could accumulate scratches if you're not careful.

See the Hanwei Tsuru for an Iaito sword made from stainless steel.

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