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Jet Li Sword of the Nameless Warrior

Hero Replica Wu Min Snowflake w/ Scabbard

Posted by JT Hats

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Jet Li Sword of the Nameless Warrior This replica sword -- a copy of the weapon wielded by Jet Li in his portrayal of the hero Nameless -- transforms a fanciful design into what appears to be the real thing. The Snowflake Sword of Wu Min is unusual even among fantasy weapons, beginning with carbon steel stock a full half-inch thick.

The heavy double-edged sword is lightened only a little by the unique blood groove -- a slot running nearly half the length of the blade. Materials used in this sword were chosen to closely resemble weapons of ancient China with polished hardwood scabbard, antiqued metal fittings, and leather wrappings on grip and sheath. The engraved inscription on the blade translates as "Ean Shong" or Hero. Full length of 34 inches and a sharpened blade of 24 inches give this interesting display sword functional balance, although at nearly five pounds, it's not an easy sword to handle.

In the movie Hero, which became the highest-grossing Chinese motion picture in history when released in that country in 2002, the Snowflake Sword executed the special technique of the professional assassin called Nameless. Years of training equipped Nameless with a unique method called "Death at Ten Paces." Within that distance of his target, Nameless was unstoppable and capable either of either infallibly killing or critically injuring his opponent.

For fans of Jet Li or fans of the movie, this sword would be a valued reminder of an excellent story and one of the best martial arts movies ever made. The sword comes with a headband which matches the one worn by Jet Li as the ancient hero.

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