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Josh Buck Knives Gen 5 Skinner, Collectors Limited Edition Guitar

Cocobolo Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Josh Buck Knives Gen 5 Skinner,The collector's version of the Buck Gen-5 Skinner series designed by Josh Buck, great-grandson of the company founder, the Gen-5 Guitar Skinner with Cocobolo hardwood handle is a limited edition of 1,000 numbered knives. Each purchase includes a Certificate of Authenticity verifying the knife's place in the series.

The basic structure of the knife is the same as the production Gen-5. The fundamentals of the original Buck Skinner -- full width, full tang blade and riveted slab handle -- are still here, but non-essentials were trimmed back to save weight. The 154CM high carbon stainless steel blade itself is wide and strong with a generous section of curved plain edge for skinning and butchering game and a working length of only 3 inches. The Gen-5's grip style is simple, but a lot of care went into the selection and use of the fine materials that accent the solid brass bolster.

Inspired by the tropical hardwoods and precision woodwork of classic guitars, the handle of Central American cocobolo wood is inlaid with guitar-like fretwork. Rivets pinning the slabs to the tang are concealed by dots of polished abalone shell. All the natural materials used in the knife are very durable -- makers of musical instruments and scientific devices still choose cocobolo for its density and stability. Those same features make it a favorite of custom knife makers. The four-ounce Gen-5 Guitar Skinner comes with a distressed leather sheath.

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