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Ka-Bar Besh Boga Neck Knife, Titanium Nitride

Womens Self Defense Dagger by Brent Breshara

Posted by JT Hats

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Ka-Bar Besh Boga Neck Knife, TitaniumThe Ka-Bar Besh BOGA Neck Knife is the production version of a women's self defense knife designed by Canadian Special Ops soldier Brent Breshara. The Besh BOGA features Breshara's unusual "Besh Wedge" point -- a strong design which puts a third cutting edge on the dagger's chisel-shaped tip.

Made in China from 3Cr13 high carbon stainless steel, the cutting edge of the knife is hardened only to HRC54-56 -- enough for a sharp cutting edge but demanding regular upkeep if well-used. The one-piece knife provides the bare minimum needed for a last-ditch defense. Breshara's acronym for the knife, "BOGA," stands for "Back Off -- Get Away!" That's the real purpose of the knife -- presenting just enough threat to deter an undecided attacker.

Only 5-1/2 inches long, the Besh BOGA is completely titanium-nitride coated for extra corrosion resistance and weighs just 1.5 ounces. A short handle and single finger choil provide a minimal grip behind the two-inch-long cutting edge. The Besh Wedge point gives the tip of the knife extra strength, but the handle design of the Besh BOGA doesn't make this a good piercing tool. Owners may find the fingernail file built into the blade's spine to be the most frequently used part of the knife.

Ka-Bar offers three carrying options with the knife and its ABS plastic friction-fit sheath. Wear it with the belt clip, or the Velcro arm bands, or around the neck (inverted) from the 550 neck cord.

Try the Folts Minimalist Neck Knife from CRKT if you want an ultra-light last resort knife of better quality.

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