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Ka-Bar Black Serrated Tactical Combat Knife

Full-Size Military Fixed Blade

Posted by Ken

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Ka-Bar Black Serrated Tactical CombatThis classic Ka-Bar military design has been only slightly modified from the original version, the mainstay fixed blade instrument of American military forces since WWII. The partially serrated blade makes rope cutting efficient and less dependent upon the sharpening skills of the user. That can be a bit of a problem when somebody tries to saw through a nail with it, because restoring the serrations is a job for the factory. With serrated blades I've used, the serrations tend to go away because when I need to sharpen things I don't take time to mail them home. When they are new, they work great. After that, the heck with them.

This knife has many good qualities. Three quarters the size of the combat knife, this scaled down Ka-Bar is a good size for civilian purposes. The blade guard is high carbon steel and won't break (brass is prettier but not so durable). The blade itself, black anodized to eliminate shine and increase corrosion resistance, is also high carbon steel (not the high carbon stainless steel you usually find today). For those of us who remember plain high carbon steel and the way it holds an edge, this is a polite and appreciated rebuttal to what has been an overwhelming modern trend. The metal butt cap of the handle allows temporary use as a hammering tool--you shouldn't do that, but you might need a knife that is still in one piece if you try it.

The handle is synthetic, but styled after the original stacked leather disc construction of the Marine Ka-Bar. In brief, this is still the style of knife you need if you want something stout and fast. You don't have to do anything to it but put it in your hand.

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