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Ka-Bar Neck Knife & Lanyard, Black BK11

Becker Necker Fixed Plain Edge LDK Tactical

Posted by JT Hats

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Ka-Bar Neck Knife & Lanyard, Black BK11 The 6-3/4-inch Becker Necker, now produced by Ka-Bar, seems a bit much to hang around the neck. Though it's better suited for fixing to gear or hanging on the belt, the BK11 outshines many neck knives by simply being enough knife to actually use.

The Necker's 3-1/4-inch flat ground blade is set for a fine cut with a fifteen-degree edge bevel that's easy to keep razor sharp. The one-piece knife with skeletonized tang weighs only 0.15 pounds but provides enough steel handle for a strong hold. You could rig this knife with handle slabs if you're a craftsman and like to tinker, but the real draw of the Necker is the minimalist package. Chrome vanadium 1095 tool steel is the only material used in the Becker Necker, apart from the black powder coating. The Becker Necker BK11 might be a functional Last Ditch Knife or Boot Knife for the tactical user, but it also deserves some consideration if you're an ultra-lite hiker interested in truly practical gear. With the Becker Necker you'll put 2.5 ounces of payload into a knife that's worthwhile. One extra perk for Necker owners is the useful gap in the butt of the handle, capable of breaking (not cutting) wire or even prying loose bottle caps.

In partnership with Ka-Bar, the Becker Knife and Tool Company of Olean, New York, still manufactures this quality neck knife. The knife's sheath is the only part produced outside the U.S. and is manufactured in Taiwan to Ka-Bar specifications. The Necker comes with the glass-filled nylon sheath and a neck cord. Ka-Bar redesigned the original sheath to accept a reversible belt clip from Tactical Defense Institute. If mounted to TDI's patented belt clip, the Necker clips easily to gear, pockets, or belts. The belt clip does not come with the knife.

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