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Ka-Bar Next Generation Knife

ComboEdge w/ Sheath

Posted by Ken

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Ka-Bar Next Generation Knife So, is this really the "next generation" of fighting knives? There's no doubt that it looks pretty intimidating. The next generation might be talking about how scary this one looks.

Ka-Bar's Next Generation Fighting Knife, hereby referred to as the NGFK, is designed as a heavy-duty, combat-friendly knife. It's widely used by professionals in high-risk jobs, i.e. military, police, security, etc.

The NGFK features a blade made from 440A stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and cut into an impressive 20-degree edge angle leading to a very sharp point. The top swage is unusually deep, and the blade also comes with partial serrations near the guard. And that "corrosion-resistant" bit means it's ideally suited for use in wet weather.

The handle is equally tough and corrosion-resistant too, since it's primarily made out of Kraton (except for the decorative powdered metal pommel). Kraton is an elastomer, and that's basically a big word for synthetic rubber. It has a comfortable "give" for grip, and doesn't peel or wear away given the test of time.

Ka-Bar's NGFK comes in a handy Cordura sheath too, so you can keep it hidden if you don't want to look so intimidating at first. But we actually did find one un-intimidating thing about this knife: the price. It's surprisingly affordable. And with all the great reviews we keep reading about the NGFK, we think it's worth checking out.

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