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Ka-Bar Potbelly Hunting, Camping & Survival Knife

Adventure Gurkha w/ Zytel Handle 2-5600-4

Posted by JT Hats

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Ka-Bar Potbelly Hunting, Camping &If you're looking for a heavy duty camp knife, hunting knife, and survival tool, stop here. Look no farther than the Ka-Bar Adventure Potbelly Knife. The Potbelly's seven-inch, hollow ground blade of 1095 Cro-Van steel has enough reach and enough weight to do the work of a camp axe as well as a full-sized, razor-sharp hunter.

With a full length of 12-5/8 inches, the Potbelly reminds many of the gurkha knife, and actually will perform much like one. The gurkha became famous as a fighting knife but also served well around camp and even made a pretty good substitute for a machete. The Potbelly fits in that same category of all-purpose knife. Built with a full tang handle and injection-molded Zytel handle slabs, the Potbelly was made to fit all sizes of hands -- the efficient Adventuregrip texture and deep finger choil won't slip.

Designed by knife maker and boar hunter Steve Johnson, the field editor for Boar Hunter Magazine, the Potbelly evolved through several different versions and considerable field testing by Johnson before becoming part of the Ka-Bar lineup. According to Johnson, the production model exceeded his expectations.

Combined with the Adventure sheath, the Potbelly ought to exceed yours as well. With two belt loops at different heights and extra MOLLE points for custom rigging, the Potbelly's Adventure sheath fits any gear. A large pouch on the front of the sheath holds the basic survival tools you want, not the Band-Aids and the fishhook you usually get in survival kits. Best of all, the sheath's extra slot holds the Adventure Piggyback, a skeletonized high carbon stainless steel skinner for the more delicate field dressing work.

If you prefer a fighting knife style, check out the Adventure Baconmaker -- the same good deal but inspired by the ideas of one of Johnson's Special Forces customers.

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