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Ka-Bar TDI 1480 Law Enforcement Knife

Stainless Steel Tactical Combat Blade

Posted by Ken

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Ka-Bar TDI 1480 Law Enforcement Knife Yikes. An easily concealed belt knife created by John Benner of the Tactical Defense Institute, this small pistol-grip weapon is intended for law enforcement use, as a "last option" knife. The downward style of the wide 2 5/8" stainless steel blade makes this knife very limited in application. With either a plain or serrated edge, this can't be seen as a multi-purpose workhorse or even a fanciful tactical knife. The only conceivable civilian application of this blade would be as a light skinner, and even then it would take a bit of explaining.

For weapons collectors this will be an item of interest, a knife designed for the urban battleground where edged weapons are not usually major players. Mr. Benner designed this knife for circumstances in which a police officer is struggling to retain his sidearm. It makes the most sense if the officer still has a grip either on the gun or the attacker's arm. With the free hand, the officer grabs the TDI, reaches across the attacker's arm, hooks it with the dropped blade, and pulls. That ought to discourage anybody.

I can't see this as an effective fighting knife under other circumstances, unless you've had special training in its use. For ordinary civilian purposes, other tactical knives are much better and draw much less attention. For such people as policemen and security personnel, it's possibly a lifesaver.

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