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Ka-Bar TDI Rig Police LDK Knife

AUS8 Stainless Steel Combo Edge w/ Cordura Ankle Sheath

Posted by JT Hats

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Ka-Bar TDI Rig Police LDK Knife Designed as an LDK or Last Ditch Knife for police, the TDI knife Rig from Ka-Bar comes in two sizes with two slightly different mounting assemblies. The larger knife is for belt wear, and the smaller rig straps discreetly to the ankle.

The unusual design of the TDI knife mimics the feel of a pistol handle. Both knives work equally well in right or left hand and have been praised by law enforcement experts as emergency knives and instinctive fighting weapons. The canted handle presents the blade properly for slashing and piercing attacks while allowing the wrist to stay in its strongest position. No specialized knife fighting technique is needed -- punches work fine with the TDI firmly in hand.

The belt version of the TDI features an AUS8 stainless steel blade with a combo serrated cutting edge of 3-11/16 inches and an overall length of 7-9/16 inches. The ankle model only drops a little in size, to 3-1/2 inches of blade and an overall length of 7 inches. The hard sheath of the TDI knife system attaches to a much more comfortable Cordura belt and can be repositioned as needed. In the ankle system, the knife sheath turns 15 degrees to the front or the back to allow personalized access and better concealment.

Only 0.15 pounds in weight, the TDI makes an excellent emergency knife for civilians as well as police and military. The angle of the handle makes this knife primarily a fighting weapon and more than a little awkward for ordinary tasks.

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