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Ka-Bar US Army Fighting Knife

Tactical High Carbon Steel Blade

Posted by Ken

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Ka-Bar US Army Fighting Knife This classic fighting knife from Ka-Bar, first manufactured at the onset of WWII, has survived more than fifty years of industry changes unscathed. Look around you for other items with that longevity and you'll find only a few. Hammers, wrenches, and Ka-Bar knives head the list.

Ka-Bar makes several models of this well known blade, some with modern materials and new blade styles. Except for the non-reflective black epoxy coating this 11 7/8" U. S. Army version with its 7" high carbon steel clip point blade and stacked leather disc handle is true to the original design. You can argue whether the new materials available are better than these, but in the end it's more a question of what feels right to you. If you grew up with stainless steel and kraton you probably like that, unless you are into classic knives anyway.

My first hunting knife was a WWII bayonet my uncle gave me. Built in the same style as this Ka-Bar (except for the epoxy, of course) it survived everything I could do to it until a house fire took it out in 1975. Some companies test their knives today by doing extraordinary things, like driving the blade through the top of a steel drum. With a Ka-Bar you just assume that kind of abuse is ok. There are few knives so tough you can use the butt cap to drive nails; you can do that with a Ka-Bar.

They are a little hard to sharpen unless you have the right set of stones and a lot of time, but once you get the edge the way you like it, it holds. Everything about a Ka-Bar lasts.

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