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Kapoosh Bamboo Knife Block Set of 7

Forged Full Tang Blades w/ Laminated Wood Grain 650-8BB

Posted by JT Hats

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Kapoosh Bamboo Knife Block Set of 7 Kapoosh creates another version of its "freedom rod" universal knife block -- this time with the wood-grain look of a laminated bamboo case. You'll also get a seven-piece cutlery set with matching riveted bamboo slab handles.

The blades of all knives in the block set are etched with the Kapoosh brand name. These forged high carbon stainless steel knives feature full-width, solid steel bolsters and full tang handles. That very strong construction is also heavy when compared to more streamlined modern knife styles. The largest knives include carving and serrated bread blades and a 13-1/2-inch-long chef's knife. Two sizes of santokus -- 7-3/4 inch and 12-1/2 inch -- plus smaller paring and utility knives complete the assortment. Kapoosh recommends handwashing for best care of the knives and their laminated bamboo handles. Dishwashers could cause damage.

All the Kapoosh block should require is an occasional wipe-down with a clean cloth and a little mineral oil. The removable "freedom rod" cluster is dishwasher-safe, but be certain to air-dry the rod cluster completely before reassembling the knife block. Any moisture trapped between the rods stays there.

The "freedom rod" concept allows insertion of any blade without specific slots. The hard plastic rods may actually hone blade edges instead of wearing them away. Some small plastic shavings could adhere to the blades when withdrawn, so it's good practice to wipe the blades clean before setting to work. Odd collections of knives could compact the block, jamming blades or bending rods, but Kapoosh lovers find creative answers to any issues -- even thinning out the rod count themselves for a more precise fit.

See the Kapoosh Universal Knife Block for a stainless steel version of the "freedom rod block."

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