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Kasumi Titanium Chef’s Knife Review

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Posted by Ken

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Kasumi Titanium Chef's Knife Review This baby sounds impressive -- it uses titanium! If it's good for golf balls and aircraft carriers, it must make a heck of a kitchen knife, right?

Well... Yes and No. First off, know that the knife's edge is not made of titanium. It's the shiny blue component that is a titanium alloy -- that's what gives it its blue tint.

The core of the knife -- and its edge -- is made of an unnamed "high carbon steel". That's probably for the best since titanium, while strong and lightweight, is not typically hard and sharp enough for a knife edge.

As far as the blue coating goes, its intended effect is to keep food from sticking to the knife, to provide corrosion resistance and to prevent a metallic taste from transferring from knife to food. Titanium, like ceramic, does a good job at those tasks.

So here's the real problem... It's not a bad knife, but you're paying for the fancy titanium coating as if it's really something special. When, in fact, you could get a Shun Classic Chef's knife for less money. And that knife really IS something special.

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