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Kershaw Alaskan Knife Set

Interchangeable Hunting Blade Trader System

Posted by JT Hats

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Kershaw Alaskan Knife Set The Kershaw Alaskan Blade Trader System avoids combining all the blades you need for skinning and butchering big game by offering three interchangeable blades which fit to one handle. Instead of a massive hunter style with saw tooth back and gut hook tip, the Kershaw system provides separate blades performing individualized field dressing tasks.

The hunting blade, usually the largest style, is trimmed back to 3.5 inches of heavy drop point blade. It's strong enough to sever joints and make deep parting cuts; the shorter blade gives more leverage where it's most needed. Both the saw blade -- used for cutting through heavy bone -- and the skinner gut hook blade are six inches in length. That's more saw blade than most saw-backed bowie styles offer, and a skinning and gut hook blade that's able to handle truly big game.

The Kershaw quick lock system does operate quickly, with added security provided by a swiveling cover plate forming part of the co-polymer handle. The Blade Trader's handle gives more gripping surface than many knives and isn't designed simply to be compact. Even in cold weather when fingers don't work well, there's enough here to hold onto securely.

Instead of three full-sized tools in a bulky carrying case, the Kershaw Alaskan Blade Trader System fits everything into a pistol holster-sized belt sheath. The two unused blades slip into the sheath first, followed by the blade fixed to the system's handle. Overall it's a fine idea, saving weight and space, though the Trader System isn't as rugged as an equivalent set of single purpose knives.

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